We want this site to serve as a monument to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their allies. Standing Rock has become a symbol of freedom and unity at it’s purist. On 12/04/2016 work was halted on the Dakota Access Pipeline. It happened when strong resistance gained international attention against the Pipeline. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the more than 500 Indigenous nations and non-Native accomplices assembled for the cause. The stand against the Dakota Access pipeline and the US Government has become an historic event. The purpose was to unite in one cause. To protect lands, waters, and people from a crude oil pipeline on their land.

The result of this movement is monumental. “Today, the voices of indigenous people were heard.”

The unity at Standing Rock exceeds every protest in Native American history. The most recent such assembly of Tribes occurred when the Great Sioux Nation gathered before retxdthe Battle at the Little Big Horn. “It’s historic, really. I don’t think anything like this has ever happened in documented history,” said Ruth Hopkins, a reporter from Indian Country Today.

Let Peace at Standing Rock be a symbol of unity at it’s purist. We want to thank everyone who played a role in advocating for this cause. It shows that with peace and determination, changes can still be accomplished.

The future of Standing Rock is back in the courts. President Trump just took office as we edit this. Time will tell as to the end. We did however want to pay tribute to the start.

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We want to Salute the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their allies.