22 in Court 12/4 in Lancaster County

Twenty-two protesters arrested for blocking work on the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline in Lancaster County entered various pleas during court hearing Monday. In October, Police gave protesters until 12:45 p.m. to remove a blockade. When 23 stayed, standing in rows of five, police began arresting them one by one. The average age arrested was 62.5 – all those arrested stood in solidarity with the nuns.

Those pleading guilty were:

Julie Broich, 37, of Lancaster
Robin Lason, 55, of Lititz

Those pleading not guilty were:

Malinda Clatterbuck, 47, of Holtwood
Ann Devitry, 58, of Columbia
Elizabeth Lucabaugh, 55, of Glen Rock
Barbara Vanhorn, 86, of Duncannon
Anthony Provenzano, 51, of West Virginia
Darrell Yoder, 60, of Lancaster
Elam Zook, 54, of Lancaster

Those pleading no contest were:

Diana Delucca, 63, of Millersville
James Ebaugh, 64, of Glen Rock
Christine Elliott, 66, of Massachusetts
Donald Gallagher Jr., 70, of Lititz
Patrick Gantert, 23, of Lancaster
Peter Kerekgyarto, 70, of Lancaster
Lucy Latham, 58, of Lancaster
Susan Lithgoe, 67, of Lancaster
Rachel Mark, 71, of Hummelstown
Jerry Miller, 69, of Lancaster
Anne Sensenig, 56, of Lancaster
Paul Yatabe, 67, of Lancaster

We salute our seniors. I remember a time when “nuns and old people arrested” was surely the opening line to a joke. Future Headline – “Front Line Camp Needs More Wheelchairs and Oxygen”

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