The Oceti Sakowin Fire

Update: PDF File of written announcement available HERE

The Horn is officially extinguishing the fire at the current Oceti Sakowin Camp. This news comes as camp begins preparations to move to higher ground before the oncoming spring flood.

1/12 An announcement today from the Headsmen of the Oceti Sakowin Council Fire. This message came with the plans of moving forward. Establishing the desire for a smooth “evacuation” and re-location. The Sacred Fire will burn out –

“The Oceti Sakowin Fire will be allowed to burn down to powerful ashes, but continue to travel on a sacred journey to the four directions beginning at 1PM at the Horn”

The transition process with cleanup and the move to higher ground for those who remain were the focus points beyond the fire. “Immediate evacuation needs to begin” and the return to our homes but remaining united.

This will take time. It is clear however that it begins today. As the keepers of the earth, they will begin the massive cleanup effort. It seems to us that one common issue was trash and supply removal. The most common “call to camp” has become more for assistance in cleanup than looking for new residents.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Standing Rock. Some promise to never leave until the pipeline does. New camps are being defined. New lines are being drawn.

At some point a decision about the pipeline will be made. When it is, there will be camps with people at Standing Rock. The movement has gone global but to some, it is still in their back yard.

Peace at Standing Rock

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