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Minnesota regulators approved the final permit last Monday for Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 crude oil pipeline replacement across northern Minnesota, giving the company the green light to begin construction on the $2.6 billion project.

Opponents say the project threatens spills in pristine waters where Native Americans harvest wild rice and that the Canadian tar sands oil it plans to carry would aggravate climate change.

Water protectors are also sounding the alarm over thousands of out-of-state workers brought in to work on construction of the Line 3 pipeline, warning they may add to a massive COVID-19 outbreak that’s already overwhelming hospitals in rural Minnesota.

We will cover the events of #StopLine3

Giniw Collective was live. 12/7/2020

Honor the Earth
Today at 11:08 AM · State Rep. and Senator-Elect Mary Kunesh @mkmkunesh witnessed destruction of Enbridge construction of Line 3 at the Mississippi River

Indigenous Environmental Network was live. 12/7/2020

Giniw Collective

Live 12/7 with one of the brave water protectors up in the trees blocking construction of a Line 3 drill pad under the Mississippi River #StopLine3

MN350: Building a Climate Movement in Minnesota
Yesterday at 10:30 AM ·
Frontline Support
As Line 3 opponents continue to mobilize in Northern MN, support is needed for the front lines. Our great new video explains how to provide supplies through the Frontline Support Drive and how to uplift water protectors with resources.

Stop Line 3 was live12/5 . Active logging dangerously close to our friends suspended in the trees near the Mississippi River blocking construction of the Line 3 drill pad!
We are trying to keep them safe as they take their stand for the millions downstream and for Anishinaabe treaty territory.

Taysha Martineau was live 12/3/2020. #StopLine3 #WaterProtectors #CallToAction





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