Beware: “A Fake Grassroots Group”

Many people directly involved with the “Standing Rock” movement have now heard of TigerSwan Security. As we have learned, the battlefield was not only at the Cannonball. The efforts to infiltrate the movement also fell on many other fronts. We want to bring focus to the “online” battles and the efforts of public persuasion.

If recent reports are accurate, the security company was able to get “private” information from social media about the members of the NoDAPL movement. It is alleged that some “hacking” type maneuvers were involved to obtain some information. The dark world of the internet. There were also efforts to “control the narrative” that were more in the open. Case in point, the FB page “- Iowa” was used to create a platform to air TigerSwan posts. “Counter terrorism Tactics” have become even more mainstream.

In a recent story in the Huffington Post, we have learned of similar sites, designed to “discredit” the movement. One such site and group is called “Your Energy” meant to appeal to East Coasters. The HuffPost writesA Fake Grassroots Group” has been launched. And several more in the making. The website is much clearer about “Your Energy’s” adversaries: The group vows to stand up to “anti-energy opponents, often out-of-state extremists,” that are “spreading misinformation and fear to stop natural gas and energy infrastructure.” The group, is created and financed by the American Gas Association.

According to the story, this is just the Virginia arm of a national-level Your Energy America campaign that the American Gas Association is rolling out this year. There’s an active website in Connecticut as well, and domain names have been registered in Ohio and New Jersey. Dave McCurdy, the American Gas Association president and chief executive, said his group plans to “expand to more states, including on the West Coast, by the end of the year.”

Another line from the article, “In 2014, the Western Energy Alliance brought on a lobbyist nicknamed “Dr. Evil” who encouraged the industry to wage “endless war” against environmentalists, smearing them as “radical,” “extremist” and conspiracy-minded clods.”

Remember, TigerSwan calls the water protectors “insurgents” and the movement an “ideologically driven insurgency.” They sold the fear to build the forces against un-armed people. The creation of “News” and reports that were simply FALSE yet reported as fact. These are REAL and factual examples of the propaganda machines.

Be aware. Do your research. Promote the truth! Our mission is to assist in keeping the topic real. Told and reported for the people and by the people.

Smartphones in Flint provide more news than all news networks combined.

Keyboard warriors, bloggers, writers and web designers all must come together. 1 agenda – “Protect the Water” – many voices, many tactics and many ways to Protect the Water. What are you doing?


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