BREAKING: Judge rules against tribes-

3/7/2017  – A federal judge has rejected a request from indigenous tribes to block drilling of the Dakota Access pipeline. James Boasberg in his ruling Tuesday said the tribes didn’t raise the religion argument in a timely fashion. He also questioned its merit. “Although the tribe’s members may feel unable to use the water from Lake Oahe in their religious ceremonies once the pipeline is operational, there is no specific ban on their religious exercise,” he said.

The motion(s) from the Cheyenne River tribe, which is part of the Great Sioux Nation, requested a temporary restraining order to halt construction on many grounds. These requests fell on deaf ears, for now.

Dakota Access, the company building the pipeline, had already “modified the pipeline workspace and route more than a hundred times in response to cultural surveys and Tribes’ concerns regarding historic and cultural resources,” Boasberg wrote, adding that rerouting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) around the lake “would be more costly and complicated than it would have been months or years ago.” – (More costly sounds like pipelines over people to us.)

Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault II called the ruling “disappointing, but not surprising,” adding that he was confident that the tribe would prevail in its ongoing lawsuit.

If this ruling stands, we expect oil to flow this month. We are shocked. We truly thought that this pipeline would pause today.

We have always said – If ever a pipeline required an EIS, it was this one.

We are also shocked at the lack of coverage this announcement has gotten. “Main Stream Media” was absent.  It felt as if we were the only ones who thought it could rule in the other direction.

Details are still coming in, paperwork will be provided for fact checking when we can get a copy of the complete 38 page opinion written by the Judge.


10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Judge rules against tribes-”

  1. Even in the light of the UN report and the failure to complete an EIS this decision is tantamount to genocide for many species that live in this river and a horrifying take over of corporate power over the people, the first nation here were not even given a consideration. This is seen in my eyes as unlawful and totally out of step from following a sustainable policy. Shame on this judge – there will not be thousands of jobs created by this either there is only doom and gloom derived from this terrible news.

  2. This is but another theft and take over by the rich and their bought and paid for institutions including the judge. The settlers refuse and cannot see our spirituality here. They worship a heaven laiden with gold and jewels aka mammon, fake wealth. Theirs is a life that puts first and foremost an evil agenda for Grandmother Earth and us all. May Creator bless the Original Inhabitants of Turtle Island.

  3. How stupid do you have to be to become a Judge….answer….unbelievably stupid! What bit of your harmful judgement to you think was intelligent? I can only imagine you were bribed!….no body who has trained to be a judge could make such a decision otherwise…..your grandchildren will be ashamed of you and so they should!

  4. So wrong, on so many levels. We will not give up. The fight for the right to clean drinking water is not over.

  5. Disgusting! Good old corporate greed!!! They call it legal. I call it BS. Too bad they can’t buy some morals and integrity. Now these are the very ones who feel entitled in our society. All while they take what they want for their profit. Its called stealing. They are criminals as are those who came with weapons acting like common thugs abd attacked a peaceful soveriegn nation to steal their land. No honor for anything held sacred. They should be ashamed. History should document every responsible party and may their shame be known for eternity.

  6. Jesus wept.

    The battle to protect Lake Oahe and the Missouri and Mississippi rivers is just one among many that must be fought in the great war against pollution and climate change. We need a bipartisan outreach for a Green Tea Party.

    The people of Standing Rock still have multiple venues to pursue in court, and I fully support them. The water protectors
    risked health and liberty to fight the good fight. Now the world is awakened to a mighty cause. Stay peaceful and vigilant.

    Meanwhile, I am wondering if there is some recycling use for the waste products of mining to prevent dumping in our streams since the Stream Protection Act was repealed. WHAT IF it were more profitable to recycle than to pollute? Then we might see greed turned into good.

    Do not lose faith. Standing Rock marches this Friday, March 10, 2017 from The Army Corp of Engineers on G Street to Lafayette Square. Hope to see you there.

  7. Same Ole song and dance from USA Inc. No morality, conscience, honor. Its word is worthless. But what did we Indigenous people really expect? Just look at history.

  8. Big oil owns the government. Always has been a shadow behind the government. Now it has no need to hide. It has its own puppet in the White house now. It should not even be called the white house since the oil that covers it has ruined its false veneer. We can see that it no longer is a respected symbol of anything. Since it was reported you could buy a it has lost any respectability it might have had. Money is going to be the downfall of this country. All the ecological ruin is going to end in no planet. It will be uninhabitable soon at the rate we are using up its resources.

  9. I wonder how much “under the table GIFTS this JUDGE got from the oil companys. When the white rich people start getting dirty water then everything will change. I feel so sorry. Come on Pres. TRUMP and stop these greedy oil company’s from destroying our water!!!

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