News From Standing Rock-

Good news, – 1/17/ 1:30 pm A Huge Win! Details are still coming in but we do know that it looks as if the ball is rolling towards Peace!

Just announced. A notice of intent has been issued. It should be confirmed tomorrow. A Notice of Intent (NOI) is a formal announcement of intent to prepare an EIS as defined in Council. The Environmental Impact Statement is a more thorough and in-depth evaluation of the risks of building the pipeline either under or close to Lake Oahe, the water supply the demonstrators have been protecting since April 2016.

A call to “Stand Down” has been requested by some. The best way to not interfere with the legal process. This could be the best thing that can happen for the movement. Many feel that the statement will conclude the build, that it will never be deemed safe. Others are intent on staying until the pipeline is gone.

Yes, it can be stopped by the new administration but not easily. The “Notice of Intent” confirms that a FULL Environmental Impact Statement will be required and that can take months.

DAPL is already talking about appealing this filing due to another pending decision. It is still a victory for Standing Rock.

Trump has proclaimed his support for this and other pipeline projects. It remains to be seen what actions may take place once he is in office.

Details to this news will be gathered and added as the day goes on. Statement HERE


**** Assault on the camp last night. Caught on tape. 1-18


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  1. This is great news. I have heard both the call to stand down and the call to remain and observe both for legal reasons. the call to stand down to let the legal process go forward as the avenue and with the thought that by doing so that the process will be respected. And the observers to remain to obtain evidence of what is actually happening needs to be fully documented. What I am seeing as that a third avenue may be needed where there is the support is there for the training and understanding for those who are the observers/protectors to be standing in the best way possible providing what is necessary to do so effectively. Perhaps in Liaison roles or even something new that comes forth. Right now what I see that it is not as effective as could be. The youth have the wings and heart for this and their fire was lit by the elders or really ignited by the 7th Council Fire and then relit with the help of elders. But sometimes we find that their wings aren’t strong enough or we still need to provide some grounding so it all comes out in a good way. Practically as an either/or situation, it is not as successful as it needs to be. And what I do see it is crucial for everyone that it be so. There is a wisdom in both perceptions, both based in effective legal recourse. How do you really honor and respect both providing the very practical, spiritual grounding in action that is needed? I pray that this direction is clarified for you, for you light a brilliant path for the waters, the world, the generations. May all you do be Blessed.

    1. This is great news, now we all have to get ready and educate all involved in what and Environmental Impact Statement really is and we all have to comment in a fashion that highlights all of the environmental concerns that we have. There should be scoping meetings which will be important to attend. We need to figure out how to televise these scoping meetings so that the entire country can participate. This is not a quick process. We need to get the ducks in a row as soon as possible. Start writing down your concerns and bring them to the scoping meeting. This is where they will plan the extent of the EIS every possible concern you have needs to be brought up at this meeting. This does sometimes seem a daunting task but if we all stick and work together we will win.

      1. Yes! I like the idea of scoping mtgs. Everything needs to be more transparent and upfront than it has been. The camp needs to go on as long as there is support to keep it going. That is where the youth can be schooled along with any others who R serious abt staying in camp.

      2. There will probably be flooding at the river , I hope they take this into account too. Protectors be safe from the floods that will surely occur

  2. I do not think we should ever “stand down” ! Of all the water on our planet, less than 10% is drinkable! Corporate n private oil companies need to stop. When is enough money is enough? As the world community grows, its clear that alternative power sources are the future. Fossil fuels are obsolete! The American Goverment has always suppressed the growth of alternative energy! Which also keeps Native America oppressed! Never Stand Down!
    Hoka Hey

  3. I believe study is needed for scientific, cultural identification in addition to citing pipeline leaks as evidence of harm likely occurring…. Much legal, spiritual guidance is needed!

  4. Do not Stand Down! You cannot trust Trump and his rich partners! Once you have put you guard down, he will come in both with barrels blazing!

  5. Hopefully we can get the government to agree to stop all pipelines for the protection of our natural water supply. Let us stand up for this and let’s hope that the government comes to realize that this water is very important to the land nature and mankind. A”ho…..

  6. They do EIS for all projects and include uranium mining in the Grand Canyon which was approved and challenged in courts. The judge said that Sierra Club had no scientific standing to challenge a uranium mine in a protected area. I would not stop or stand down for the EIS. However participate in the process. Have teams tackle areas of the EIS. Attend meetings and demand hearings onsite consultations. Conduct the cultural review under the section 106 process. There is a list of worst practices in section 106 that if you search that term should give you areas in which to document abuses. Write letters and challenge the environmental issues by documenting onsite. Use satellite google earth to study the area with your team and become familiar with every aspect of the operation. But have a team on 106. And two major areas are water impacts and air quality. But the cultural review is your biggest and hardest punch and you should prepare for battle on. No need to stand down. EIS is not a victory as they can and have approved most of the mining to date with EISs. The EIS is your time to work that process. It is the basis for all legal challenges to the operation. The EIS is the operative tool we used to FOIA documentationnob the mine. Get the mining maps and reports and study and challenge them in the camps.

  7. perhaps engineer(s) are needed to layout an alternative plan which by pass the lake, river, sacred and burial sites. And a report which lays out where these sites are located with the help of the elderly citizens. The report will also state the significant of these site stating their importance to the tribes. Once completed everyone including the tribal governments, protectors and supporting experts need to stand behind the plan and the report. Just trying to help from Big Mountain, Navajo Nation. I agree Never Stand Down, you can not trust this guy that is coming in, specially with his EPA and Interior guys. Stay strong brothers and sisters.

  8. I truly hope this comes out in our favor.
    The Internet was so usefully in all that hopefully got accomplished. I hope and pray it will help other people in our fight.
    Big Thanks to Everyone.
    I pray for the Good Works ALL that Native Americans have worked so hard for.
    I love you all.

    1. Totally agree with Gwenyth Jett, Standing Rock became what it is through all the support world wide, as a Native, I appreciate and support all those water protectors still there. Awesome.

  9. I think “stand down,” but don’t go away. Keep watching their ass. I commend you for your strength and commitment to your values. You guys got it right. Total respect.

  10. The Water Protectors are a model for communities worldwide trying to resist the pollution of their natural environment by powerful multinational companies. Do not stand down. Do not turn off our beacon.

  11. A’Ho, blessings and light!

    Small steps add up to large accomplishments.

    I am so happy to hear this. Thank you to all Water Protectors for standing for the safety of the water.
    I have so much respect and love for you all!


  12. The truth will be revealed and the right thing will happen, I have faith in all of us. There’s too much fear about what Trump “MIGHT” do, but until he does it, it’s just a fear that people allow into their minds and they unwittingly manifest it. This fight cannot be about fear, it must be about what is best for Gaia and for all concerned.

  13. I had hoped by now people would realize destroying the earth, especially the most beautiful parts, and culturally significant areas, is not what we should be doing. Even over 50 years ago, as a child, my father always lamented over forests being cut down for stores, roads, etc. He especially hated mining mountains and building houses up to the foot of beautiful mountains. My white parents taught me to respect all peoples and the earth. Still, few people do, as they are too greedy and greediness and selfishness are acceptable now, ao it seems.

  14. We believe any decisions must come from your elders with consultations on what has happened in the past. Take your time in deciding. We don’t trust the N. Dakota political people. Thanks for protecting the water for everyone. Pls keep us all informed of what is happening at Standing Rock.

  15. If another call to veteran support we’re to be made, a million man march would be pale in comparison to what we would march for.
    We stand for making America great again by leading by example. Clean, renewable energy is our future!

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