Standing Rock – The Media Bubble

Standing Rock – The Media Bubble Opinion By: A Water Protector It amazes me that the overall perception of the Standing Rock movement remains distorted to the masses. I still hear about the “Trash” left behind or about the “Violent” protestors. Anyone who followed the movement, knew that niether statement was accurate. Few people know the facts….Read moreRead more

Drilling: Now With Secret Ingredients

12/28/2017 – President Donald Trump’s administration is rescinding proposed rules for hydraulic fracturing and other oil- and gas-drilling practices on government lands. The U.S. Department of the Interior announced Today the rescission would take effect Friday. The rules developed under President Barack Obama would have applied to drilling on federal lands located mainly in the…Read moreRead more

Considering A Pipeline? Consider This.

Considering A Pipeline? Consider This. Here’s a report of 1 County, 1 Pipeline and much bad news. Sunoco is building the Mariner East 2 natural gas pipeline in western Lebanon County, PA. So far, incidents in Lebanon County look like this. June 2017: Sunoco begins construction in Lebanon County for the Mariner East 2 pipeline. July:…Read moreRead more

22 in Court 12/4 in Lancaster County

Twenty-two protesters arrested for blocking work on the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline in Lancaster County entered various pleas during court hearing Monday. In October, Police gave protesters until 12:45 p.m. to remove a blockade. When 23 stayed, standing in rows of five, police began arresting them one by one. The average age arrested was 62.5 –…Read moreRead more

Tax Act and The Quiet Oil Deal

Did you know: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act allows drilling in the untouched Alaskan tundra. This item is tucked into the Senate tax bill and has little to do with taxes but it avoids a direct up-or-down vote by clinging on. ANWR, a swath of tundra on the northern Alaska coast, is home to…Read moreRead more

Ohio Gets Another Spill – Thanks Rover

Black Fork Mohican River marked Rover’s 19th environmental violation this year, according to Ohio EPA. This latest incident happened when 200 gallons of bentonite-based drilling fluid spilled into the Black Fork Mohican River in Ashland County. It was the largest of three spills near the river this month, and close to the site of a…Read moreRead more

Is the Keystone XL now Doomed?

Is the Keystone XL now Doomed? Editorial / Opinion Ok, let’s get updated. So today, the Nebraska Public Service Commission announces a decision for an “Alternate Route” approval for the Keystone XL. My guess is that this is the nail in the coffin, for the pipeline project. The Keystone XL will likely never get built….Read moreRead more

Nebraska Regulators Approve Alternative Route for Keystone XL Pipeline

Nebraska Regulators Approve “Alternative Route” for Keystone XL Pipeline. Nebraska officials announced at the state Public Service Commission’s meeting Monday morning in Lincoln. The project has the strong support of President Trump and many labor unions. The opponents in Nebraska, a coalition of landowners, Native Americans and environmentalists, will surely appeal. Pipeline opponents have lined…Read moreRead more

Pipeline Gets “Keys to the Forest”

The U.S. Forest Service granted approval Friday for the natural gas pipeline to run through the George Washington National Forest and Monongahela National Forest. The final decision does the following: • Authorizes the use and occupancy of National Forest System (NFS) lands for the ACP Project. • Amends the standards in the Plan to allow…Read moreRead more

About Camp Makwa

Some of our readers have asked about Camp Makwa and what we can share about it. Short answer, what is public only. Camp Makwa- is an indigenous led camp trying to stop Enbridge Line 3 pipeline. This is a “Front Line Camp” in Minnesota. We follow the social media feeds like many other Water Protectors….Read moreRead more