DAPL- The Alarm Clock

The Dakota Access Pipeline is not pumping oil today. It is suppose to begin service on Mother’s day. Facts like that keep me awake at times but perhaps I am viewing this the wrong way. I was asked yesterday, Is there anything good about the pipeline? I could think of nothing good. And then it hit me. Thank you DAPL.

Water awareness is at an all time high. When poisoned water was served in Flint, people reacted. After 3 years of stalls, excuses and lack of real coverage, it was losing steam. Now that you have awakened water protectors across the world, places like Flint will be heard from again and again until the problem is fixed. For this, we thank you.

Thank you for bringing Native Nations together. It will haunt you. The unity at Standing Rock exceeds every gathering in Native American history. It happened when strong resistance gained international attention against your Pipeline. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the more than 600 Indigenous nations assembled for the cause. In many ways, they remain assembled. For this, we thank you.

Love the ego. Because you feel “too big” to fail, exposing the partnerships between the government and “Big Oil” is made easy. You cannot hide cabinet appointees, board members and partnerships anymore. No longer can the “sheep” claim that this was simply a conspiracy theory. The partnerships are now in the light and will be exposed for what it is. For this, we thank you.

Our legal awareness is growing daily. Thanks to the blatant theft of property, we are learning the ways. Eminent domain, “unceded” territory and the Treaty laws are becoming focus points in courtrooms and classrooms. Groups of people have gathered to unfold the existing ways and begin the process of enforcement. For this, we thank you.

And how about the alternative media that has sprung up? For this, many are grateful. Finally, the people have some control in the news. TYT, Activate Now, Women’s Indigenous Media, Digital Smoke Signals, Inspire Bank Exits and DR0NE2BWiLD are only a few. And personal posts are reaching the masses. Daily brain food comes from names like Wicapi, Mator and “Ed Higgins Here” in place of Sean Spicer and Megyn Kelly. 7Th Gen, Wolfpacks and “Relatives” are getting a voice. For this, we thank you.

The thing that I am most thankful for from the DAPL struggle? Faith. Because of this pipeline, I found many people who demonstrate endurance and bravery. People like Regina Brave and Harold Frazier were not known to me before this. Real American heroes who have shown strength in the face of huge problems. Faith that if their message can reach me, I know the youth will be exposed to it. Faith that the youth is smarter than we were about these issues. Faith that they will prevail in these times. For this, we thank you.

So, Morton County, when the UN and other groups “serve” you, thank DAPL. When the next pipeline is shut down in a courtroom, thank DAPL. When the people rise up and demand clean water, thank DAPL. And when the next generation finds a better way, somehow, someway it will be in part due to DAPL. We are awake! For this, we thank you.

6 thoughts on “DAPL- The Alarm Clock”

  1. Many blessings you for writing this- THANK YOU! I also thank DAPL and Standing Rock for my awakening- I will not fall into complacency again.
    We will rise and defend Mother Earth!

  2. I never thought about it like that. I need to follow what the brain food Wicapi keeps saying & let go of the negative.. I am still learning.. For waking up my long sleeping soul, Miigwech DAPL. For bringing me in touch with my inner self to recognize my weaknesses, Miigwech DAPL. For bringing me in touch with thousands of relatives, brothers & sisters, Miigwech DAPL. For giving us some great spiritual leaders such as Wicapi, Waste & Holyelk, Miigwech DAPL. For the authorif this beautiful writing, miigwech DAPL.

    1. My list of inspirational people could have filled the page. Wicapi and others offer real life issues for real people. Something the mainstream cannot make money on. It is up to us to spread the truths that remain overlooked. Thanks for reading.

  3. To the ones who to this day worked behind the scene to bring documented pictures and went against DAPL the intel that never wanted their names revealed who remain in the back, I honor some of my comrades for their bravery in all that they did while some were dancing celebrating, I hear of their direct action so close to the drill pad and so many nights spent in waiting for the next run ….
    Endless prayers and toils were made . The sacrifices were not in vain . Thankyou for you and you , your faces will always remain in my memory . Thankyou ✊MNIWACHONI

  4. What a wonderful article….hopefully this will help with the healing of everyone involved, wether on the ground at Standing Rock or on their computers and donating. Peace, love and friendship to all 🙂

  5. Thank you to Our Creator it was through your appointed hand that brought our Youth to Lead this Beautiful movement, because you heard their cries for help and allowed their tears to flow it is with those tears that came a voice so loud that it brought relatives from the four corners to gather on your Sacred grounds, Standing Rock.

    Humanity has been missing the spiritual connection with Mother Earth and all that she offers with her teachings, one our Indigenous People have always had today those who gathered at Standing Rock left with a sense of spiritual being, igniting those sacred fires taught understanding and truth to walk away with compassion and to love one another again. We have a duty to protect Mother Earth from Corporate Greed xx
    Thank you to the many hands who made this possible you will forever be appreciated in all that you have done and continue to do today xx


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