More DAPL Cases Dismissed

According to a report today in the Tribune, Six water protectors who were among 126 arrested on Oct. 22 saw their cases dismissed this week.

“Mark Labato, David Pakenham, Ronald Williamson, Lorenzo Serna, Victor Puertas and Sean Jordan were charged with criminal trespass and engaging in a riot in connection with a Dakota Access Pipeline protest in southern Morton County. Some had attached themselves that day to a vehicle found at the construction site.”

This news comes after last month’s report of 33 other cases being dropped. We know that not all will become victories and we know some have settled but if you have a case pending, the more like this the better.

Bruce Nestor, a Minnesota-based attorney, said he believes the other cases from that day also should be dismissed.

 “These cases should never have been filed, they never should have been scheduled for trial and they should have been dismissed long ago,” said Nester. 

Nestor represented Serna, a journalist with the volunteer media collective Unicorn Riot.

“The dismissal does reflect that there was no factual or legal basis to charge him in the first place, regardless of whether he was a journalist,” said Nester.

A total of 761 arrests were made during the protests, according to the North Dakota Joint Information Center.

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