Best DAPL Coverage Awards?

Writers for the Bismarck Tribune were recently “Awarded” for such great DAPL Coverage. We follow the paper and really wondered how this happened. Of the MANY stories we have read in this paper about DAPL, not one comes to mind that deserved the title “objective reporting.” But that was a quote during the ceremony. In fact, listed below are a few more examples of the “awards” given from the reports of the DAPL protests. Water Protectors are good for business apparently.

Bismarck Tribune journalists Mike McCleary, Blair Emerson, Jessica Holdman and Jason Heupel were honored Friday with a community service award during a joint conference of the North Dakota Newspaper Association and the South Dakota Newspaper Association. (Report Credits Here)

Caroline Grueskin, who was hired by the Tribune in March 2016, was awarded rookie journalist of the year. A judge said: “Caroline Grueskin rises to the top of a very strong crop of rookies, mostly on the strength of her pursuit of objective reporting on pipeline protests.”

Tom Stromme took the photo of the year of a North Dakota Highway patrolman offering Dale American Horse Jr. a drink of water at a protest site along North Dakota Highway 6. American Horse secured himself to a construction digger at about 7:30 a.m. Aug. 31. The photo was also awarded top news photo of the year.

Tribune reporter Jenny Schlecht took third place for “1851 treaty resonates in pipeline discussion.”

McCleary took first place in the spot news photo category with “Law enforcement stand in distance as fire/smoke billows.” He took first place for his photo “Teepee sunset protest camp,” in the pictorial category and first place for “Mounted shooters” in the outdoor recreation photo category.

In the spot news category, Donovan took first place for “Protests shift along Dakota Access pipeline route.” McCleary took first place in the spot news photo category with “Law enforcement stand in distance as fire/smoke billows.”

Real news, fake news and slanted news. These are the choices we face daily to stay informed. Congratulations to all award winners. We say, anyone who was witness to the “other side” of DAPL could never list the Tribune as neutral. This is our opinion, we stand for freedom of speech. We also cover the “other side.”

4 thoughts on “Best DAPL Coverage Awards?”

  1. Seriously? I’m sure this must be a joke. Everybody in the world who followed the Standing Rock travesty and read the Bismarck Tribune was aware of extremely one sided, biased reporting. I found no truth in the articles whatsoever. However, since the awards were given out by North Dakota News Organization’s or whoever it really means nothing to anyone outside your state. The reputation of ND is so sullied no one else cares.

    1. I believe there was a slight *ahem, cough, cough* tone of sarcasm in this write up that you might have missed. It is listed underneath the “rants” folder after all. Have a good day and remember, Mni Wiconi

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