New DAPL Fire Ruled Arson

5/1/2017 – A fire on a Dakota Access pipe-line site near Newell Thursday night has been ruled an arson. Details are hard to find, no major news outlet has reported on it that we can see. We are looking for the police reports for a detailed confirmation. Until then, here is what we can find.

About $70,000 damage was done to a contractor-owned skid loader that was set on fire, and $75,000 to pipeline equipment. The fire, in a field near 180th Avenue north of Highway 7, was reported around 9:20 p.m. Newell firefighters responded, sheriff’s officials were immediately called in to investigate.

Friday, investigators continued to work the site for clues throughout the day. A similar pipeline-related arson has been reported in southeast Iowa, and officials from the two areas are working together to try to determine if the crimes are related.

Late last year, an arson fire that is still unsolved caused over a million dollars in damage at a pipeline construction site near Newell, only about four miles from Thursday’s fire. The incident was determined to be arson and the FBI was involved in the investigation, but no one was ever arrested or charged in the case.

These are not the only incidents of arson connected to the pipeline project. Last October, fires were also set near Reasnor, Iowa, causing up to $2 million in damage. At the time, the company behind the pipeline offered a $100,000 reward for information on the arson. There had also been a previous arson incident in the same location in August.

In March of this year, the company that built the pipeline reported two incidents of sabotage in which someone used a blowtorch to burn a hole in a shut-off valve. One of the incidents happened in Iowa, the other in South Dakota.

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