DAPL Leaks Before Opening

According to reports seen here, a leaky surge pump along the Dakota Access oil pipeline spilled 84 gallons of crude oil in April at a pump station just north of Crandon. Based on Dakota Media Group archives, the pump station is on 10.59 acres of land in rural Spink County.

According to Brian Walsh, an environmental scientist with state Department of Environment and Natural Resources Ground Water Quality Program. “At the pipeline’s pump station there’s what’s called a surge tank, which is used to store crude oil occasionally during the regular operation of the pipeline,” Walsh said.

“And connected to that tank is a pump, which pumps oil back into the pipeline system, and the leak occurred at that surge pump.”

Now we aren’t reporting this because of the harm 84 gallons of oil causes. We are reporting this because the pattern continues. In this case, the pipeline malfunctions as it is being filled. Not even under pressure yet and mistakes are made, oil leaked. Rushed perhaps?

We reported on 2 leaks in Ohio recently. 2 Million gallons of “drilling mud” into pristine wetlands. Same company, ETP is building the Rover pipeline. More recent developments, the company has issues with the state EPA sanctions for those spills. Claiming the state has no say, the Feds issue the permits, they enforce safety. ETP is on the defense because the state fined them $400,000.

That leads to the FERC, the federal oil industry police. They are all but closed due to several vacant seats. President Trump appoints but they can only be filled by confirmation hearings. Get in line. This is months off at best.

As the kids would say, SMFH

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  1. This is going to happen again and again mostly because people don’t take pride in doing the job right the first time. People today are lazy and don’t care. The oil will cover the entire area until this country is nothing but a mass of oil. Nice! Thanks for ruining our beautiful county for stinking oil bucks

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