DAPL Reports “Pipeline Attack”

Wide spread reporting discloses that the Dakota Access pipeline was under attack. Recent “coordinated physical attacks” along the Dakota Access Pipeline route have “posed threats to life, physical safety and the environment”, Dakota Access LLC said in court records filed late Monday, March 20.

These coordinated attacks will not stop line-fill operations,” Dakota Access attorneys wrote. “With that in mind, the company now believes that oil may flow sometime this week.”

The report has not been made public, the company declined to elaborate on the types of attacks. It is however “real news” that a report was filed. Any speculation on the type of “attack” cannot be confirmed by us.

Quoting a CBS report – “Authorities in South Dakota and Iowa confirmed Tuesday that someone apparently used a torch to burn a hole through empty sections of the pipeline at above ground shut-off valve sites.

Mahaska County Sheriff Russell Van Renterghem said the culprit in Iowa appeared to have gotten under a fence around the facility, but Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Brown said the site in South Dakota wasn’t fenced.

The Iowa incident was discovered March 13 and the South Dakota incident Friday.”

An appeals court on Saturday refused a request from the tribes for an emergency order to prevent oil from flowing through the pipeline. That is thought to be the last hearing before oil begins to flow. Other legal cases are pending, new ones are being developed as well.

Meanwhile, it was 1 month ago that the camps were cleared at Standing Rock. Very busy month for many of the water protectors across the country. In terms of getting the message out, this camp closure forced the people to spread. With that came the spreading of the Sacred fire. NY, DC and LA were some of the highlights but the thousands more campers we don’t see, also went the four directions and they brought Oceti home with them.

The fight is not over. We suggest this was just chapter 1. Legal battles are predicted to prevail “at some point.” Also, MANY other camps have been set up for peaceful resistance to pipelines, water protection and treaty rights. We intend on being at one soon to report on the concerns there and speak directly to those establishing the camp.

Until Then –
Peace at Standing Rock!

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