New Vandalism on DAPL

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Law enforcement officers have stepped up patrols around an oil pipeline site in Minnehaha County after vandalism was discovered.

Sheriff’s Capt. Jason Gearman says vandals broke through a
chain link fence recently that surrounds an above-ground section of the Dakota Access pipeline near Highway 19, north of Humboldt. KELO-TV reports a valve inspector has since repaired a hole, but Gearman says it’s still a safety issue because any tampering can cause extreme situations, such as an explosion.

Gearman says they have notified the FBI. The sheriff’s department is encouraging any citizen that sees something suspicious to report it.

Authorities are also investigating an incident of vandalism against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Buena Vista County, Iowa.

Limited information has been made public. We will update the story if additional data becomes available. Story credit/source the AP.

This seems to be a dangerous trend. We recently reported on arson attacks on DAPL also. This recent news shows even more that peaceful solutions need to be found before this turns a bad situation worse.

Peace at Standing Rock

2 thoughts on “New Vandalism on DAPL”

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