Day 8 – Ohio Well Continues To Run

XTO Energy spokeswoman Karen Matusic said officials are still unsure what caused the Schnegg well near Captina Creek to explode one week ago. The company was in the process of finishing a fourth well on the Schnegg pad when the blast occurred.

“The well has not been capped. They’re still working on clearing the area. On the pad, there’s a big crane, so until they clear that they won’t actually be able to go in and do anything with the well.”

Matusic said the “high pressure” associated with eastern Ohio Utica Shale wells may have contributed to the explosion at the Schnegg pad near Captina Creek last Thursday. (We say good guess.)

Local reports claim that the well “continues to send brine water and methane into the air at high pressure.” We hope for a safe solution soon. Prayers for anyone in the area.

This state has been under attack. Yes, there is an “out of control” well flowing as we speak but that’s only a small part of the picture.

Energy Transfer Partners has had dozens of spills in the past year in Ohio. Stating last month that “Nearly 150,000 gallons” of drilling fluid was “lost down a hole” beneath the Tuscarawas River in southwestern Stark County. That’s the same site where more than 2 million gallons of the fluid – mixed with diesel – leaked last April and turned up in a wetland.

On the first day of this month, Noble County Ohio, very near the existing leak, reported an “explosion” on a gas line. Out of the blue, 3 in the morning, it exploded. We have never heard a cause.

Several other projects are going in. More are planned. Think we can clean up some of the past first?

___________Day 2 Press Conference___________


BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio – Update – “Right now it’s just depleting into the air, so we are ok on that end”
Not the most reassuring press release.

Story credit: wtov9 Kate Davison

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