US District Judge: No Injunction

3/15 – DC – A U.S. federal judge on Tuesday denied a request by the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe for an emergency injunction to prevent oil from flowing through part of the Dakota Access Pipeline, saying such a move would be against the public interest.

Judge James Boasberg of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued his decision denying the request by the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, saying the court “acknowledges that the tribe is likely to suffer irreparable harm to its members’ religious exercise if oil is introduced into the pipeline, but Dakota Access would also be substantially harmed by an injunction, given the financial and logistical injuries that would ensue.”

Attorneys for the ETP-led Dakota Access LLC consortium building the pipeline told the court Monday that oil could be introduced as soon as March 20. The 1,172-mile pipe will carry crude from shale oil-rich northwestern North Dakota to a terminal in Patoka, Illinois.

We are awaiting copies of the findings for confirmation but Reuters and Bloomberg are reporting the same.

Reuters reporting credits.

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11 thoughts on “US District Judge: No Injunction”

  1. It is all about money. No one cares about the Sioux Tribe. Their religion or rights mean nothing to them. I am getting so sick the way whites are treating the Native American people. When are they going to start caring about their rights! The only one that matters are the big shot oil companies and the very rich.

  2. The logistics are pretty simple–we don’t NEED another pipeline! The fact that you can sit there and say the oil companies will suffer I’ll effects is ridiculous. Was the environmental impact study done? When are people and living beings going to matter MORE than profits?

  3. Judge Boasberg now goes into the books as one who will be on the wrong side of history.
    Absolutely shameful that he didn’t have the guts to call DAPL out for continuing to build even when told to stop- they wouldn’t have spent as much if they’d listened, but HEY- their money is so much more important than protecting human rights.
    Shame, shame in you, sir. Hope you sleep well knowing what you’ve done

  4. “…but Dakota Access would also be substantially harmed by an injunction, given the financial and logistical injuries that would ensue.'” Wow. Just wow. Power before people?? There’s been plenty said from “public interest”. Unbelievable.

    1. I agree!!! Freedom of religion is in the Constitution!! I don’t recall anything in the Constitution about oil companies can’t lose $$$$!

  5. Wouldn’t it make sense to get the permit first! So they spend all this money and lay the pipe and Quilt them into giving them the permit. The oil is not even for the US.The rich get richer and the Indians get screwed along with the 18 million people down stream !!!

  6. Once again oil companies are put above people. I’m so disgusted. Oil companies not only own our government but niw they seem to own the judicial system as well.

  7. This is DESPICABLE! It is all about money and to hell with anybody else. Guess he got paid a lot of money too! Kudos to the Native Americans for waking up the world.

  8. This decision should be appealed. I’m quite sure there’s something going on that’s not quite right, there is always when it involves pipelines or whatever the issue is that has impact on the each and every us citizen. Millions and billions of separate voices shouting out…we demand to not allow these issues to be pasted ,we the people have spoken.. the jurisdiction sovereign authority should have a large voice involved when it comes down to it about protecting our future generations and our constitutional law held as is,the supreme law of the land

  9. For once I admit that this is in poor judgement. I already, in horror, am watching the destruction of the pacific Ocean. The massive amounts of radiation pouring into the pacific is beyond belief. Some are saying that action should be taken immediately. But I contend that it is too late. A tudal wave, although unfortunate, proves, once again,(multiple times) that any fuel, of any kind, near water is suicidal at best. The radiation gushing out of Japan,(can’t stop it), into the ocean.radiation doesn’t break down. Right? So it is inevitable that the oceans see life will build up radiation(no tolerance), and die. But wait, let’s do oil near water. Pipe breaks down in a bad way, poof!!! The breadbasket of America is destroyed as Missouri, then the mighty Mississippi. Guess what folks, no water or crops. No food. Don’t forget that the pacific is dying also. As for the Atlantic, do any salmon run’s exist on the east coast? Oh , let us not forget the gulf disaster. Who’s bright idea was it that thought that building so deep that we couldn’t safeguard the equipment from the travesty that happened screaming “It’s safe”. Right. And stated rational is faulty, no ifs, no buts, just dangerous. At best the pacific has20years at best(radiation will still be flowing), before real consequences take a firm hold. That is optimistic at best. What if four or five species die quicker and disrupt the food chain then what? Not hating just saying have a kid sticks his hand on the stove and it’s on its own. Don’t touch it that’s what we’re dealing with

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