Drilling: Now With Secret Ingredients

12/28/2017 – President Donald Trump’s administration is rescinding proposed rules for hydraulic fracturing and other oil- and gas-drilling practices on government lands. The U.S. Department of the Interior announced Today the rescission would take effect Friday.

The rules developed under President Barack Obama would have applied to drilling on federal lands located mainly in the West. The rules would have required companies to disclose chemicals used in fracking, the process of pumping pressurized water underground to break open hydrocarbon deposits.

In the past, Oil Companies were saying that the “ingredients” were trade secret. With this ruling, they can keep it that way. When waste drilling mud is released or spilled into the environment, results can be deadly. Toxicity tests are important for assessing the effects of complex chemical spills in our waterways. Now, they can use Sectet ingredients and we won’t know what to test for.


How often are spills occurring? Here is one County’s experience.

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