Easy Solution For The Migration Issue

The situation on the United States Southern border has a real easy solution. When political motivation mixes with real world problems, you can almost always expect humanitarian  crisis.

The fact of the matter is, all the parties could get what they want. The suggestion would be build a wall. It must include an enormous door. An open door.

(We chuckle a bit but press for more) “When you hear about the tens of thousands of lives lost annually to the Opioid Crisis you really must pay attention.” We all know that organized crime benefits the most from border trafficking. This business includes not only drugs but has shown an increase in human human trafficking in recent years. It truly is a problem that needs to be addressed.

This “wall” however must come with an open door. A big one. We currently have an estimated 58,000 immigrants in U.S. custody at this time. To allow 5,000 in tomorrow would be a drop in the bucket to the current resources. They need it. This allows the United States to comply with international law for those seeking asylum and offers the opportunity to screen individuals who may have ill intent.

They will literally walk into your hands seeking a better life. Why would you want to chase them around in a desert instead? Why risk life, resources, etc?

There are at least 2,700 women and children in Tijuana awaiting a chance of entry. When you are processing 60 people a day, you are inflicting harm on the most vulnerable. The thousands at risk because some wish to make a political point. This has already proven to have deadly consequences. All discourse could end in a single day.

It would be reasonable to assume there will be some individuals who will not be eligible to be awarded  asylum. With that being said, entry must be allowed to the masses. It is our duty and responsibility to provide safe refuge and or safe passage until the asylum process has been completed. Legally and morally. The senseless suffering that is occurring should be, and could be, stopped immediately. Open the door.

You want a wall? OK. It must include a door as big as the egos are in Washington, DC. The wall I just watched go up was preventing unarmed families from entering the United States. Did not see one ounce of drugs from there. Our nations real number one killer.

This is an opinion piece by one person looking for solutions.

The Native people of this land have traveled it for centuries. The concept of preventing this “free travel” would be another example of greed. The idea of denying entry is not only illegal but it is immoral.

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