Eco Terrorist – Coming Soon!

Crazy, radical and dangerous “Eco-Terrorists” are coming soon. These are the headlines coming to a news channel near you. The propaganda machine is busy with all the dirty details. You will hear of “Crazy People” living in trees. Families standing in the line of construction. Camps being set up. Natives from Standing Rock in Ohio! OH MY!

Don’t worry though, new laws are being drawn up now for the protection of the pipelines. 14 States have introduced new laws to restrict protesting near pipelines and armed forces are being trained to enforce these laws. The East Coast seems to be the most at risk for these “water and land” protectors. NY, NJ, PA, MI, OH and several other states are the next frontlines.

Educate yourself on the “enemy” that will be in the news. People like the Gerhart family. Not wanting to leave their own property! They are resisting Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 Pipeline. A rare “Writ of Possession” was granted to Sunoco Logistics by a local judge, allowing them to enforce their eminent domain rights on the Gerhart’s property- including using law enforcement to remove landowners from their own property.

So now, these people are sitting in trees, defying the law! Is this some sort of Jihad Move? Ok, yes, the land was destroyed in the pipeline path as feared by them. Yes, the company drilling the pipeline has already suffered leaks near them and contaminated drinking water. And yes, Sunoco Logistics has THE worst safety record in the nation. But it is safe according to Sunoco Logistics, what more do you want?

And how about those crazy old ladies? Building a new outdoor prayer chapel on the land belonging to a group of Lancaster County nuns. “It’s a small setup where visitors can enjoy the outdoors” they say. This is the property of The Adorers of the Blood of Christ, an international order of Catholic women. Is that a Gang? Terror Group? What name will they get? I ask because they say they aren’t leaving although the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline is planned to go through the property soon. They don’t want it! New laws can label these people as terrorists.

We have teachers pissed off in Michigan, something about a new gas pipeline near a daycare. Forest Rangers in Ohio hating the destruction of that protected land with fracking. Geez, a few new earthquakes and they get all scared. How about the farmers in Ohio swimming in a bentonite mud spill, 2 million gallons worth. The Pitchfork Posse? Are the Amish Mafia people around also?

Wake up America. These people contesting today’s energy policies are not terrorists. They are people like you and I, who live normal lives, until disaster hits them. Their water, their land and their children are at risk. Remember these people when the news tells you about the crazy, radical and dangerous “Eco-Terrorists” standing in the way of destruction. – Fake News Coming Soon.


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