ETP Spills 2M Gallons Waste –

2 Million Gallons Spill and you don’t know it?

A new regulatory filing shows Energy Transfer’s Rover unit was notified by Ohio’s Environmental Protection Agency of violations after two releases of drilling fluids, both discovered last week. They spilled 2 million gallons of toxic waste.

Crews were drilling under the Tuscarawas River to create a path for the pipeline when the fluids contaminated the area.

Energy Transfer is the same company behind the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline that’s now preparing for service. Thousands of people protested and camped out in North Dakota for months to fight that project’s construction.

An estimated 47,619-barrel release of drilling fluids into a wetland adjacent to Ohio’s Tuscarawas River was discovered April 13, the Tuesday filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission shows. Another estimated 1,190-barrel spill was found a day later in a wetland in Richland County, Ohio, the filing shows. (2,000,000 gallons)

All indications are that the company was informed by the EPA about the leaks. They had no idea that they lost 2 million gallons of fluid? The company, in a letter to Ohio EPA, thanked the agency for its time and effort providing guidance on cleaning the sites.

I guess now some people will understand the complaints at Standing Rock. The same company spills 2 million gallons in 2 separate sites on week 2 of drilling in 2 different waterways. But the Cannonball is safe.

Energy Transfer is working with Ohio’s Environmental Protection Agency and the spills “won’t change the project’s in-service date”, company spokeswoman Alexis Daniel said.

Sierra Club said it’ll fight to stop all construction of the pipeline in Ohio. “The fact that we would have two spills in two separate counties — it just proves how dangerous these pipelines and their construction are,” said Jen Miller, director of the group’s Ohio chapter.

We predict opposition from other groups as well.

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