JP Morgan Chase Vessel w/20 Tons of Cocaine

Authorities in Philadelphia seized a JP Morgan Chase owned cargo vessel with reportedly 20 tons of cocaine on board.

Law enforcement agents boarded the ship in June and discovered the cocaine, the amount worth almost 1.3 billion dollars.

The roughly 39,500 pounds or 17.9 metric tons of cocaine found onboard the MSC Gayane outweighed the total amount of cocaine that passed through West Africa in 2013, and all of the cocaine seized across Africa between 2013 and 2016, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Who is JPMorgan Chase? Following the money shows that they are, by far the biggest funder of fossil fuels and fossil fuel expansion –– by a wide margin. Clearly put, Chase is the world’s worst banker of climate change.

Indigenous peoples in particular are paying a heavy price for major fossil fuel infrastructure projects that would lock them into decades more of fossil fuel hazards. From the Transmountain pipeline, the Coastal gaslink pipeline, the Bayou Bridge pipeline, to the Keystone XL pipelines – again, JPMorgan Chase is by far the biggest funder.

Chase is also the only bank that is financing ALL OF THE FOUR key tar sands expansion companies – Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline, Teck Frontier Resources Mine, TransCanda’s Keystone XL pipeline and the TransMountain pipeline. Also the world’s biggest banker of Arctic oil and gas, ultra-deepwater oil and gas, along with tar sands.

Ties to cocaine and big oil. There is a lot of money in destruction. We suggest that they find better clients.

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