Is the Keystone XL now Doomed?

Is the Keystone XL now Doomed?

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Ok, let’s get updated. So today, the Nebraska Public Service Commission announces a decision for an “Alternate Route” approval for the Keystone XL.

My guess is that this is the nail in the coffin, for the pipeline project. The Keystone XL will likely never get built.

The decision creates problems because many new landowners in the counties along the alternative route must be contacted for agreements. The route would include Madison, Stanton, Platte, Colfax, Butler, Seward and Saline Counties. Also, Antelope and Jefferson County see changes.

The alternative route, needs more study on both the state and federal level, and it failed to give landowners along that different path the ability to address the commission.

Nebraska’s Department of Environmental Quality didn’t analyze the alternative route at all in its report.

This means more time, more lawsuits and fresh opposition. Time is something the Keystone XL does not have.

Let’s face it. This project has been on shaky ground for almost a decade. Now, the banks are divesting, the people still don’t want it, and the “market” doesn’t need it. Even TransCanada has said it won’t decide until December if it has “enough shippers” to make the $8 billion project financially feasible.

And remember, environmental conservationists, Native American tribes and landowners along the pipeline’s prospective route vow to not just remain but gain additional support.

Did I mention that they have one leaking now? 35 miles south of the Ludden pump station in Marshall County, South Dakota. They say 210,000 gallons spilled.

So, in closing, I can’t see any reason to think this project will ever get done. Many in the “Media” are calling this a victory for TransCanada. I wonder if the “illusion” of victory is to stabilize their investment……eventual tax deduction? I see it as the end of the Keystone XL.


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