Kyle Thompson -DAPL Disaster

Kyle James Thompson, 30, was arrested for simple assault domestic violence, carrying a concealed weapon, and for possession of schedule I, II, and III drug paraphernalia, according to Burleigh County arrest records.

Many remember that Thompson was arrested by Bureau of Indian Affairs agents after activists slammed a vehicle into his pickup truck. He was disguised as a “water protector” in a t-shirt and bandanna covering his face. A short foot pursuit ended in a pond near the camp according to video reports and interviews.

After BIA agents handed Thompson over to Morton County officials, he was released, and he was called the victim by Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.

Three people — Brennon Nastacio, Israel Hernandez and Mike Fasig — have been charged with endangering and terrorizing him. He was stopped because his “intentions were unknown.” The men maintain their innocence. They have insisted from day 1 that Thompson was acting violent and that he was armed.

It was easy to see the possible dangers of allowing any armed person into the camps, certainly someone acting erratic.

Why is this news? He was also sentenced in this case. It seems that he gets 2 days for “assaulting” a female and he received a “deferred imposition” of sentence from Judge Bruce Romanick on the weapons and meth paraphernalia charges. This means that if he stays out of trouble for a year those cases will be dismissed. These are the published sanctions, we have not seen the official documentation.

We thought this sounded a bit odd. According to statements, “Thompson does not have a concealed carry permit.” In many states, if you commit an assault, get caught with “small zipper case inside the vehicle with multiple syringes, spoons, a white residue, a grinder with residue, and a glass smoking device” – that is a felony. Now add 2 guns to the scene of a felony and it is a 5 year minimum mandatory sentence. He gets 2 days? Blessed indeed.

Was he allowed to keep the weapons? Seems like a heavy risk on the part of the state to release him so quickly. I would hate to hear of some future act that was avoidable. His judgement seems clouded.

One would think that this helps the case of the water protectors but it also offers some insight to the justice system in North Dakota.

Let this also serve as a reminder to the many hardships we all face daily. Drugs, violence and weapons are a bad combination. Death, prison and pain are often the results. Any of us can fall victim to these forces. Some more than once.

We pray for a better way, we pray for Peace.

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