Mystery Oil Drains In Kansas

Hidden deep in the news world is what we find to be another disturbing story about oil contamination. This report is based on local news coverage we came across, we are awaiting “government” documentation and reports that are not yet available.

The story begins when in Winfield, Ks, neighbors living near the Southwestern College campus report a “strange odor.” The odor, we learned, was crude oil leaking from a drain pipe and into the street. From a CBS station KWCH, we found this:

“When you stepped outside, you could definitely smell the odor,” said Karen McDade, who lives across the street from the campus.

“They said on Saturday it was mostly oil and water, but on Sunday morning it was nothing but thick, black crude oil,” McDade said.

The city installed a catch basin on the campus, which is collecting the oil still running through the pipe. A local company is monitoring it, and removing the oil as necessary. With it contained on campus, they’re continuing the search for a source.

“You can still see some of the residue in the gutter, left over,” said John Stradal with Cowley County emergency management.

“The best theory at this point, is that there is an older well in this area that may not have been capped correctly.” Stradal said. “In this north part of time there were up to 46 wells that we’ve been able to document so far.”

But that leaves them with another problem: which well is it? City Manager Jeremy Willmoth said many years ago, the area was rife with oil.

“The working theory is that the amount of water that we’ve received in such a short amount of time has risen the water table and that that potentially could’ve either loosened a pocket of oil that was there or perhaps a lid that wasn’t fastened as tightly as it needs to be,” Willmoth said.

“This is an isolated case,” Stradal said. “We don’t see this very often. I think the mitigation efforts put in place should contain it for the time being until we find the source.”

The city manager says there’s no danger to anyone in Winfield because of the leak – it’s still safely contained. The KCC will continue working to find the source of the oil throughout next week. – Credits

We wonder where ANY other reports are. Rain is coming soon. Still not capped? Eventually it will go away? Can’t find the source?

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