Nebraska Regulators Approve Alternative Route for Keystone XL Pipeline

Nebraska Regulators Approve “Alternative Route” for Keystone XL Pipeline. Nebraska officials announced at the state Public Service Commission’s meeting Monday morning in Lincoln.

The project has the strong support of President Trump and many labor unions. The opponents in Nebraska, a coalition of landowners, Native Americans and environmentalists, will surely appeal.

Pipeline opponents have lined parts of the proposed route with obstacles, including trees, solar panels, sacred corn from the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and a barn powered by renewable energy.

Monday’s decision came just four days after another pipeline operated by the same company spilled 210,000 gallons of oil in neighboring South Dakota, blackening a swath of rural grassland. Opponents of Keystone XL said that episode underscored the risks of crude oil pipelines. But under Nebraska law, the state Public Service Commission is not allowed to consider pipeline safety and spill risks when deciding on a permit.

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