Nominations Needed: Hall of Honor

The nomination process is now open for the “North Dakota Native American Hall of Honor.” Our goal is to be sure at least 1 water protector is nominated and inducted. With the thousands of “keyboard Warriors” and boots on the ground, getting this done is a must.

Standing Rock must be included.

Who? We have so many names in mind that deserve the honors but we will leave it up to the people to nominate. We need to unite in the effort to get the ballots in. Perhaps, in the comments some can initiate conversations as to some names.

The official information from a press release is below. Online and mail in nominations are accepted. Let’s unite and be sure a water protector is represented! Honorees will be inducted into the Hall of Honor in a formal ceremony in September. The deadline for nominations is May 1 at 5 p.m.

The North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission is pleased to partner with the State Historical Society of North Dakota and the State Historical Society Foundation to establish the Native American Hall of Honor.

The Hall is a new annual program recognizing Native Americans who have gone above and beyond in representing their tribe and culture. It is located in the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum in Bismarck.

The program recognizes traditional and contemporary achievements in four categories: Arts and Culture, Athletics, Leadership and Veterans. Nominations can be made of people who are living or in memorium.

Up to two people per category will be considered for acceptance into the Hall each year.

To nominate a candidate, please download and submit a printed version of the nomination form.

Send your completed nomination form by fax, e-mail or U.S. Postal Service to:

North Dakota Indian Affairs
600 E. Boulevard Ave.
1st Floor Judicial Wing, RM 117
Bismarck ND 58505-0300

Fax: 701-328-1537

If you’d prefer to submit your nomination online, please use this following nomination form by filling in all fields and attaching the supporting documentation.

Honorees will be inducted into the Hall of Honor in a formal ceremony in September and they will be recognized in the Hall of Honor exhibit at the Heritage Center and State Museum with a formal display of their personal artifacts and a video that shares their remarkable histories.

We encourage all honorees and their friends and family to send items for the display before the event in September.


12 thoughts on “Nominations Needed: Hall of Honor”

  1. Hello and I was told my name came up to submit my artifact. My name is Michele Sommerfeld Gee, My Grandmother was Francis Higgins (Staten) Born in Page Oklahoma of Cherokee decent. This is actually in Choctaw Co., LeFlore Co. Oklahoma. I believe my newest Granddaughter is the seventh generation from Oklahoma. I say this to say I have an 88 year old Oklahoma History book written by Muriel Wright I was told was a very famous Historian and writer. The book is numbered 51. The publication date is 1929-30 It is well intact for being so old. The pictures are well noticeable, many pictures on each page. Slightly brown stain at the bottom, totally legible the binding is worn (well to be expected, but fully intact) and I believe it should be placed in safe keeping for all of Native Americans to enjoy and get early factually gathered information as possible. This book was found by my late husband when he was cleaning out an attic some 15 years ago. We have kept it in the family all of this time, as I age, I feel it needs to be shared. I have informed my first son of this, I don’t believe it needs to be in a closet or risk any further harm in the future by ‘storms’ or potential home damage.
    There are facts dating back before “Trail of Tears” even occurred for our people in the 1800’s.
    We have kept it in dry, non moist place this whole time .. preserving it’s conditions. I would like to share a photo .. actually several of this book and will do so when you contact me via my email address.
    I really appreciate whoever nominated me for possessing ownership of this magnificent artifact. Indeed I would Love to share it with all Native and Americans in general. Very dear to my heart.
    Water Protector and I Stand with Unci Maka ‘Mother Earth’ I feel her I am at one with her.
    Thank you look forward to hearing back from you,
    Michele Gee * I will forward pictures of it to you via Email
    phone # is 918-413-4532

  2. I nominat honorable Raymond L Kingfisher from Washington state.
    I could have name many of Relatives who deserves to be in the Hall of Honor.

  3. There are too many who deserve this, myron, eric, Ladonna, red fawn, Ernesto, murle sr etc… they should all be in this for THEY woke the world up. There are thousands that should be there.

  4. Eric Poemoceah. Water Protector and media on the ground. He was injured badly by police tackling him, with a broken pelvis. Because he ran away from police, before they tackled him, he is charged with Obstruction of a Government procedure or something like that, and faces a year in prison.

  5. Helen Red Feather aka Granny she been doing this her whole life and still teaches our culture n treaty rights the government took her passport so can’t travel n help other countries

  6. So many to choose from – Helen Red Feather, Regina Brave, Ladonna Tamakawastewin Allard, HolyElk Lafferty, Raymond Collins Robinson, Robert Eder, Sioux Z Dezbah, Mike Fasig, Ladonna Nonya, Wicapi Otto

  7. Arts/Crafts-Culturally and Spiritually. On behalf of other people that would’ve spoken for my 4-Deeds in 1988 SITONKA WOKIKISUYE OKOLAKICIYE. Since this was the first year of the Chief Bigfoot memorial horseback ride from Standing Rock to Wounded Knee. My name is Jeff Both sides to which I have interests with more details if this would be acceptable for a nomination. Due to time constraints.

  8. Vanessa Bolin, medic that stood on the front lines, stood up to tribal council telling them they wouldn’t leave till camp was cleared of all Water Protectors.

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