Ohio Gets Another Spill – Thanks Rover

Black Fork Mohican River marked Rover’s 19th environmental violation this year, according to Ohio EPA.

This latest incident happened when 200 gallons of bentonite-based drilling fluid spilled into the Black Fork Mohican River in Ashland County. It was the largest of three spills near the river this month, and close to the site of a 50,000-gallon spill in April.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office sued Rover earlier this month in Stark County Common Pleas Court over alleged violations in more than a dozen counties.

“I cannot explain how disappointed I am with the continued trend of Rover causing environmental damage in Ohio by continuing operations causing unauthorized discharges to Ohio waterways.” Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler

Why does it sound like the Rover Pipeline, LLC could care less about the state EPA? The Federal agencies provide the permits. In a nut-shell, the “State Has Little Say” if you listen to Rover arguments.

So, OK, they don’t care about the State, how about the land owners? Well, reported HERE, James and Kathy Wolfe are the owners of the land where the spills have occurred.

“I was photographing it to document it and was asked to get off my own property. Rover doesn’t want me to observe their own efforts in the cleanup,” Kathy Wolfe said. “I was neither impeding nor in any danger. I was simply trying to document the extent of the spill.”

She said last week she saw a bunch of oozing, kind of light gray, bentonite drilling fluid on her land in close proximity to the Black Fork.

“Each time I come out here they tell me to get out of here,” she said. “It’s my property. I think they just say it to scare me off. I mainly want to know where this has happened on my property so I can witness and keep track of whether or not this is being cleaned up,” she said.

Who is Rover? Energy Transfer Partners. You might know the name from another pipeline. It went through Sacred Ground in Standing Rock.

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EPA Press Release HERE

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