Oil Leak in Oklahoma

4/24/2017 Okla. Few details available, relying on local news– for the story. State and federal agencies are investigating what caused a crude oil pipeline to leak thousands of gallons of oil onto surrounding farmland in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.

According to a Report HERE – A farmer was told that the oil is “Good for the soil” – Wheat farmer and cattle rancher Steve Pope estimates he’s lost about 120 acres of pasture and wheat crop from the spill.

Dozens of workers in yellow protective suits were at the site of the leak Monday, removing a portion of the faulty pipeline and collecting contaminated grass and crops.

“Luckily, we hadn’t put (cattle) out here yet. We were fixing to turn cattle out on this grass,” Pope said. “One of the head guys was telling me, ‘Oh, this is so good for the soil,’ and, like I told him, I said, ‘Well, why is everybody wearing a hazmat suit?’”

Like most leaks, information is hard to find. Plains employees at the spill site directed questions to headquarters, which released a statement Monday afternoon:

“We are following our emergency response plan, and our staff is working with regulators and affected landowners. Our current priorities are to ensure the safety of all involved and limit the environmental impact of the release.”

The National Response Center, Sunday listed ‘internal corrosion’ as the likely cause of the discharge of nearly 19,000 gallons of crude oil from the Buffalo Cashion pipeline, owned by Houston-based Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.
Plains and the OCC said the oil was contained to Pope’s fields, an unpaved road and stopped short of nearby Cooper Creek, which feeds into the Cimarron River.

Pope said he doesn’t see how oil could not have reached the creek, considering the leak was discovered after the heavy rains last Thursday night into Friday.

“There’s probably only another 800 or 900 feet to Cooper Creek so, if it got to the end of our property, I don’t see how it couldn’t have (reached the creek),” he said.

Side Note – Another pipeline leak in southwest North Dakota has contaminated a tributary of the Little Missouri River, the North Dakota Department of Health said Monday, April 24.

Oil emulsion, or a mixture of crude oil and brine, leaked from an underground flow line operated by Continental Resources, the department said. The spill was discovered by the company’s field staff on Saturday about 5 miles southwest of Marmarth. Marmarth is 3 miles west of the Montana border in southwest North Dakota.

Again – Few Details are Available –

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