Not so Peaceful at Standing Rock

Standing Rock – More arrests on Monday and general chaos at times. What began as a Peaceful Prayer March became confrontational and at times, dangerous. An exact count of the arrests is not known but it is said to range from 3 – 6 people.

Two arrested were on Facebook, Live Streaming at the time of arrest. We watched it unfold. Both appeared to be complying at the time and both were certainly peaceful. One was able to pitch his phone to his partner and kept the feed alive. The other was a young lady who was praying and singing as she was arrested. “Badger stole our hearts!”

It was all captured on cameras and much more footage is coming in. Live streams at this time are the replacement for nearly all news outlets. Daily feeds from the “inside” are what people use to stay in touch with the camp.

A short time later, 3 shots fired and mace used from police. Again, during the “Prayer March” at a fence line. We witnessed at least 1 injured there via live feed.

Action again late. Tear gas and shots at the bridge, via live feeds around 11:30 PM Eastern time. The younger crew is there. Violent action again between the two sides. Reports of 2 arrested there but we do not know. Confirmed, one with an eye injury. On the bridge, a young protector suffered a hit to the eye. In true spirit of the evening, he was at the bridge until the end.

A prayer, held live at 12:44 am was the first sign of peace today. Captured in a picture here, the concept of a Peaceful ending for today was close.

Much prayer is being done there. A lot of singing also. One of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard was the young lady arrested today. Many peaceful people remain at the 3 camps. Some will risk their freedom for their beliefs – sometimes on live stream news.

Credits: To the Live Feeds on the ground. They record it for sharing. A heavy price is being paid by many who are in the fight.

Peace at Standing Rock

Water Is Life!


4 thoughts on “Not so Peaceful at Standing Rock”

  1. Power to the People. Thank-you so much for your sacrifice. You all continue to inspire us all to become better guardians of the earth. Mini Wiconi Coni!

  2. Our Prayers are with you… Protectors of Water & Life! Your altruism, your devotion to our Mother and all that is sacred above your “self” is powerful!

  3. where is the legal law in all of this not the corrupt law. laws are to up hold truth and honor, the law is the one who is breaking laws!

  4. the power of the creator is always a mystery ,in the end good will win over the demented rabid lost souls in the most ironic subtle way . the eagles will fly ,the four legged will seek the company of the people, the lost souls will surrender in confusion . all through prayer

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