Take This Pipe and Love It.

We have always been alarmed at the abuse of eminent domain and pipelines. Many know that eminent domain was designed for “Needed infrastructure that benefits the community” and was always used by the government. (Roads, Railroad, etc.) No more the rule. Now, private companies can persuade federal officials to mandate their projects, at gunpoint if neccesary.

Not fantasy, reality. Not in Russia, in YOUR neighborhood. Not just Standing Rock, everywhere.

We have written on MANY elderly arrested on thier own land. Church congregations being arrested for opposing a pipeline through the church land. Farmers not allowed on properties that their grandparents bought and built. All real stories, all using eminent domain for private use.

They fight and win against small government bodies now. Entire towns forced to live in danger. A West Virginia county, whose elected leaders have vocally resisted natural gas industry operations, has again been told by a federal judge that it must allow the work to proceed on a compressor station.

United States District Judge John Copenhaver ruled Wednesday that Fayette County commissioners can’t use their county’s local zoning ordinance to block a compressor station proposed as part of a huge natural gas transmission pipeline. The federal Natural Gas Act, he said, “trumps any local zoning rules when it comes to regulating pipelines” and associated compressor stations.

Mountain Valley Pipeline officials say the compressor station is “carefully designed” to “limit surface disturbance and minimize the overall environmental footprint,” according to court filings from the project’s lawyers. But Wender and the County Commission worried that it would be dirty and loud.

“MVP is pleased with the court’s decision,” said Natalie Cox, a spokeswoman for the pipeline project.

Three weeks ago, construction of the pipeline was halted by the FERC, after the 4th Circuit ruled that some federal approvals by other agencies skirted environmental rules. But on Aug. 15 and again on Wednesday, the FERC issued follow-up orders that allowed work to resume in certain areas.

Ready or not, here it comes. Take this pipe and love it.

(Photo of Future America)


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