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1/05-2017 – Fort Yates, ND – The original burial ground of Hunkpapa Sioux leader Sitting Bull. A Tribal meeting was held today. During this meeting, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe made the effort to explain the current situation. History was made at Fort Yates, ND again.

Council members, representing the people of the communities have spoken. Not for the visitors but the residents and members. The message was -We want our home back. We want our roads open and we the camps closed or moved for safety reasons. The total cost and strain to the residents is more than we need.

Chairman, Dave Archambault II: “We’re fighting each other. That’s the best way, the easiest way to conquer anyone is to create division and fight among themselves.”

He referred to a past conversation. – When your legal argument fails, when your political arguments fail, are you going to support us by laying your butt on the line to stop this pipeline?

“I said no. I can’t do that. ” He went on to say not this pipeline. “This is just 1 of many coming”

He continued explaining how the fight is against the many snakes. The industry itself. Not just this pipeline.

The truly notable voices came from LaDonna Brave Bull Allard and Chase Iron Eyes.  Possibly speaking for millions who are involved with the fight.

How they spoke of the camp plans, future projects and the fact that many are not leaving. “We want to be sure that those who stay are safe”

Many other clear messages were sent. LaDonna Brave Bull Allard says, speaking about the worldwide attention, “We need to channel that energy” – “The power of prayer is the only way to victory.”

The physical location of the camp is still being settled. I know that the people who are there are committed, and will not be leaving anytime soon. I also feel certain that any “new” designated location will hit maximum capacity in a very short time. The support is still strong. Many still intend on stopping the pipeline.  Those who are committed are not phased by the lack of Council support. A younger generation has a vision. Some will deploy to other locations of protests. The Camps will restructure and go on. We will wait to see what the new camp feel might look like.

Side note: One unified message seemed to be communication. How the many different entities had different philosophies and agendas. How this created fear and uncertainty among the communities. Disorganization within the movement. If you follow this site, you know we wrote about this.

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