Spying on Oceti Sakowin in Standing Rock

The use of IR surveillance technology during police operations has become more commonplace over the last few decades across the United States, ever since police departments began militarizing their stockpiles of equipment. Customs and Border Patrol, for example, who also participated in the final eviction of Oceti Sakowin in Standing Rock, often use infrared cameras to track migrants and make arrests along the U.S./Mexico border.

To date, aerial IR surveillance has been used by United States law enforcement for more than a decade; from the FBI during the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore in 2015, to the 2005 Republican National Convention in New York City when the NYPD was accused of violating citizens’ privacy.

Unicorn Riot has released two hours of clips from the 100+ hour batch of FLIR video which you can watch below:

For months, the North Dakota Highway Patrol flew daily surveillance flights over the protesters’ camps and used forward-looking infrared (FLIR) cameras to gather real-time geo-spatial intelligence (GEOINT). These thermographic cameras sense infrared radiation emitted by heat sources which give law enforcement the ability to perceive thermal radiation and monitor their area of land operations at night.

Much of the world thought the Water Protectors were just paranoid. If you’ve ever been “DAPLed” – you know the reality.

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