Standing Rock – A Hard Place

Anyone that knows of this crisis, is aware of the many hardships at Standing Rock. Against all odds, the water protectors have endured some of the most brutal responses to “protesting” in American history.

The last few days have brought the biggest changes in the 8 month standoff. With words like “sanctions” and “restricted movement” it sounds more like an international situation. Now, completely surrounded, the physical removal of camps is ordered by the government. The media is arriving.

This story had been reported more in other countries than here in the US. We see that’s about to end. We all know that network stations cannot resist stories with millions of dollars at stake, potential violence and “real time drama” TV.

They have missed quite a bit. Anyone, from a PC was able to see drones being shot down and checkpoints denying access to camp over sleeping bags. Also see Humvees planted on Reservation land and eviction notices being served on a bridge. All in real time, all live from any computer in the past 36 hours. Not a peep from the “main” media. Until now.

Many say this “eviction” is the final blow. We agree. This could be the final blow for the pipeline ever being built there.

The world is about to see the continued dedication of the Indigenous People who are “holding space” at Standing Rock. At all costs, they stood there long enough for the world to look into this pipeline. For the world to ask, why are you driving this so hard? Are there “Human Rights” violations? Who’s getting paid? WHERE is the EIS? Jurisdiction and Treaty land? Physical Removal from their land?

Someone will need to answer these questions. Until then, the pipeline should be stopped.

From April until December these campers “Held Space” and stopped the pipeline from flowing oil today. From December 5th until today, they held space to allow time for the world to see these issues. To let the people ask these questions. Allow the world to know what it is like to be at Standing Rock – And a Hard Place.


Maybe then we can have Peace at Standing Rock

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