Standing Rock – The Magic Trick.

Standing Rock – What just happened?

365 days ago, there were a few dozen people at Standing Rock and the Sacred Stones. They thought of a better future, they spoke of a better way for the children. This week, there were a few dozen people at Standing Rock. And looking over the same fields, it was as if nothing happened, physically, little had changed.

Like magic, or time travel, the world changed but that space looks the same. In 1 year, dream of it, set it up, live through it, change the world and then it is gone in 1 year.

Flowers are blooming at “Oceti” right now.  Any signs of a camp are gone. It would take a decade to explain what happened there this year.

This year, we were able to see what private security can do for the protection of their clients. Also, not many knew what an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was or how they are influenced by government. This year, we have seen several “workshops” and “camps” established simply to educate people on “civil disobedience” and the legalities. All hatched from Standing Rock this year.

Treaty awareness has hit an all time high this year. Actual hearings, UN intervention and NATO involvement has put Treaty talks back on the desk.

DAPL divesting hits world wide exposure with record numbers this year. First, individuals were divesting. Then companies, banks, cities and even entire countries joined. We can’t find exact numbers but we know it is in the BILLIONS of dollars divested, this year, initiated by Standing Rock.

As the fire was sent into the four directions, it did not fall short. New camps, healing centers, established networks and growing support are the fruits of past labors. This has just begun. The “Spirit of the Camp” will never die.

Instead of Backwater Bridge feeds, we are seeing ink work on the West coast, 7th Gen music still around, feeds from the bus tour, interviews from elders and messages from other camps. All spreading the word of Standing Rock. I am OK with that.

I also salute the 9000 other people who were at Standing Rock and not in the spotlight. The labor it took to make this happen was staggering. The effort of so many is what created the “Spirit of the Camp” – It was like magic.


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  1. Thank you for what you all hsve done for all of us. Thank you for what you continue to do for all of us. Seven generations of ancestors and seven generations of future generations send you their spirtual support as you carry on each and every day.

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