Standing Rock – The Media Bubble

Standing Rock – The Media Bubble
Opinion By: A Water Protector

It amazes me that the overall perception of the Standing Rock movement remains distorted to the masses. I still hear about the “Trash” left behind or about the “Violent” protestors. Anyone who followed the movement, knew that niether statement was accurate.

Few people know the facts. Many STILL have never even heard of the conflict over DAPL in North Dakota. Think about that for a minute. Most people in America could not tell you how it started or how it ended. Why is that brought up? To demonstrate the Media Bubble I see.

There were “Rock Stars” and “Movie Stars” screaming Mni Wiconi from the Cannonball River and Lake Oahe.

Facebook Live videos were trending and being noticed. Camp totals were 9000 strong with over 2,000 Vets on December 5. Millions of dollars, in cash, was sent to the cause. People, Money and Exposure. The three ingredients required to get any worthy movement launched.

And then, the “Media Bubble” is formed. It starts when main stream Networks report that “You Win”, no pipeline, clear out. Nothing to see here. Phase 2 was to create the “Concluding” narrative and begin discrediting the entire movement. You know, the trash left, etc. And on social media, it went beyond “Create the Narrative.” It became digital warfare with spies, trolls and stalkers. A calculated and purchased agenda to stifle the rest. Many of the “hits” on FB went from thousands to hundreds for the most followed people in the movement.

In my opinion, once the “supporters” became “contained” in the media bubble, the finger pointing began. Frustration sets in. How could such great tools be gone now? Where are the people? Where is the  media? The GoFundMe is dry. The remaining “followers of the movement” begin to doubt and expose each other. Looks bad from the inside right? Wrong View. Look outside the bubble.

When the movement began, there were women and children standing for water.

Today, those women and children are standing for water, in nearly every country on earth, in large part, due to Standing Rock. The material things have come and gone, just as the elders have predicted. “When the ashes blow away, the core principals will be all that stands.” What is built from there will be solid and permanent. With or without Jonny Depp or Jonny Dangers, the children will continue to protect the Sacred. With Peace and Prayer, as intended from the start.

The Sacred Fire has never been hotter. Treaty laws that have not been looked at like they have been lately. Nearly every State has water protectors in it associated with Standing Rock. Indiginous people accross the world are standing up against many violations. Missing women are finally getting more deserved attention. Tactics have been exposed that revealed the enemy. Can’t list the camps out there, too many. And all this from Standing Rock.

“The list of victories can fill pages and it grows daily. An Idea cannot be killed. That is the magic of a Sacred Fire.”

All directions and causes will use the successes and failures of the efforts and build upon it. Think about this. It has been 1 year. It is not over, it has just now begun.

This is an opinion of one Water Protector.

Looking out of the bubble.


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