Best DAPL Coverage Awards?

Writers for the Bismarck Tribune were recently “Awarded” for such great DAPL Coverage. We follow the paper and really wondered how this happened. Of the MANY stories we have read in this paper about DAPL, not one comes to mind that deserved the title “objective reporting.” But that was a quote during the ceremony. In…Read moreRead more

Standing Rock – The Magic Trick.

Standing Rock – What just happened? 365 days ago, there were a few dozen people at Standing Rock and the Sacred Stones. They thought of a better future, they spoke of a better way for the children. This week, there were a few dozen people at Standing Rock. And looking over the same fields, it…Read moreRead more

Report: Standing Rock Reason to Worry

Pipeline proponents have always claimed that pipelines are much safer than tankers or trains. But as a report reveals, the majority of Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco’s reported spills (51 percent) were specifically linked to pipelines. TYPE OF ACCIDENT and % of total NUMBER Pipeline (51%) 35 Fixed location (36%) 25 Storage tank (10%) 7 Mobile (3%) 2 TOTAL reported spills 2015-2016 69 According to a…Read moreRead more

ETP Spills 2M Gallons Waste –

2 Million Gallons Spill and you don’t know it? A new regulatory filing shows Energy Transfer’s Rover unit was notified by Ohio’s Environmental Protection Agency of violations after two releases of drilling fluids, both discovered last week. They spilled 2 million gallons of toxic waste. Crews were drilling under the Tuscarawas River to create a…Read moreRead more

Big Energy – Big Donations

When President Donald Trump took office in January, one of his first acts was to sign an executive order that would speed up the approval of several pipelines. We wondered why this was such a priority. Today, we got a clue. Contribution records from Trump’s inaugural committee, were released Wednesday by the Federal Election Commission. Energy…Read moreRead more

Kyle Thompson -DAPL Disaster

Kyle James Thompson, 30, was arrested for simple assault domestic violence, carrying a concealed weapon, and for possession of schedule I, II, and III drug paraphernalia, according to Burleigh County arrest records. Many remember that Thompson was arrested by Bureau of Indian Affairs agents after activists slammed a vehicle into his pickup truck. He was…Read moreRead more

Following The Money – in General

Recently, the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services and Morton County Sheriff’s Department released a document explaining “Resources and costs diverted from normal operations” due to protest. In part, it shows: Days of Response Support 210 Hours of Response Support 331,721 State and Local Cost to Taxpayers (as of March 6, 2017) $38.2M Personnel (Salaries,…Read moreRead more

DAPL: Ok To Conceal Some DATA

Attorneys for the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux didn’t get the greatest news this week. In a decision dated Friday, the U.S. District Judge James Boasberg would allow the developer of the Dakota Access oil pipeline to keep secret some but not all pipeline information. What can remain hidden? Information that the company believes…Read moreRead more

Senate Members: DAPL -No Permit?

Top Senate Democrats are questioning whether the builder and manager of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) had a permit to construct a controversial stretch of the project near tribal land and water sources. “We are concerned that Energy Transfer Partners or its subsidiaries might have been drilling under Lake Oahe without a permit and while…Read moreRead more

Chase Iron Eyes in Court

BISMARCK, N.D. Chase Iron Eyes pleaded not guilty to charges relating to a February incident where law enforcement removed him from a protest camp. The judge decided on a jury trial that will happen at a later date. He could face up to five years in prison if convicted on the felony charge. According to reports,…Read moreRead more