Best DAPL Coverage Awards?

Writers for the Bismarck Tribune were recently “Awarded” for such great DAPL Coverage. We follow the paper and really wondered how this happened. Of the MANY stories we have read in this paper about DAPL, not one comes to mind that deserved the title “objective reporting.” But that was a quote during the ceremony. In…Read moreRead more

FEEDS Part 4 2/23

Feeds 4 2/23 All credits to any footage is to the authors on the ground. Any posts here were public. “Courage” is the best word we can think to say.   Law enforcement moves in to remove remaining demonstrators fro… An unstoppable force met immovable objects. A convoy of 200 law enforcement vehicles, including a…Read moreRead more

Standing Rock – Facebook’s Fake News

Content Submitted by Reader: 2/04/2017 – We decided to publish it because we can relate. Our interest began months ago when we first heard of the conflict at Standing Rock. We were amazed that no national coverage was available. We wondered why? OK, so it wasn’t a Trump story necessarily but still it warranted a…Read moreRead more