Victories Fighting Pipelines

Recent rulings are offering real hope. These cases are coming to light and not looking good for Pipeline builders. Two cases below from this week alone. A Federal judge puts a pause on Mountain Valley Pipeline construction plans through Southwest Virginia. The decision by U.S. District Court Judge Elizabeth Dillon came during a proceeding in…Read moreRead more

Atlantic Coast Pipeline “Mows” Forward

In a letter Friday, Dave Swearingen, a FERC official, gave the green light to cutting down the trees using handheld equipment such as chain saws in the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. According to Dominion Energy spokesperson Aaron Ruby, the approval allows them to begin limited tree felling and vegetation clearing in the areas…Read moreRead more

Ohio Gets Another Spill – Thanks Rover

Black Fork Mohican River marked Rover’s 19th environmental violation this year, according to Ohio EPA. This latest incident happened when 200 gallons of bentonite-based drilling fluid spilled into the Black Fork Mohican River in Ashland County. It was the largest of three spills near the river this month, and close to the site of a…Read moreRead more

Is the Keystone XL now Doomed?

Is the Keystone XL now Doomed? Editorial / Opinion Ok, let’s get updated. So today, the Nebraska Public Service Commission announces a decision for an “Alternate Route” approval for the Keystone XL. My guess is that this is the nail in the coffin, for the pipeline project. The Keystone XL will likely never get built….Read moreRead more

DAPL: Disputes Payment Agreement

Documents filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) show that Energy Transfer Partners is disputing a $1.5 million annual payment owed to the state agency as part of a five-year agreement signed in February. Big oil thinks it can destroy historic buildings without penalty? Sure seems like that’s the case. A Make Me Pay It attitude. Not…Read moreRead more

Mystery Oil Drains In Kansas

Hidden deep in the news world is what we find to be another disturbing story about oil contamination. This report is based on local news coverage we came across, we are awaiting “government” documentation and reports that are not yet available. The story begins when in Winfield, Ks, neighbors living near the Southwestern College campus…Read moreRead more

Get The Lead Out

Lead contamination in drinking water is a problem that reaches far beyond the disaster in Flint, Mich., and threatens children’s health nationwide. We took some highlights from an investigative report by the USA TODAY NETWORK. We think it is alarming and under-reported. “Many of the highest reported lead levels were found at schools and day cares.”…Read moreRead more

DAPL: Ok To Conceal Some DATA

Attorneys for the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux didn’t get the greatest news this week. In a decision dated Friday, the U.S. District Judge James Boasberg would allow the developer of the Dakota Access oil pipeline to keep secret some but not all pipeline information. What can remain hidden? Information that the company believes…Read moreRead more

Senate Members: DAPL -No Permit?

Top Senate Democrats are questioning whether the builder and manager of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) had a permit to construct a controversial stretch of the project near tribal land and water sources. “We are concerned that Energy Transfer Partners or its subsidiaries might have been drilling under Lake Oahe without a permit and while…Read moreRead more

Va- Pipeline Opponents Get Rare Victory

ROANOKE, Va – 4/7/2017 Opponents of two controversial natural gas pipeline projects get a victory today. Many are praising a decision by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. The DEQ says it will require the Mountain Valley Pipeline and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to provide more information on how they will protect water quality at locations…Read moreRead more