Security Board – VS – TigerSwan

BISMARCK, N.D. – Round 2: North Dakota regulators are seeking up to $2 million in fines from a North Carolina company that handled security for the developer of the heavily protested Dakota Access oil pipeline. The board alleges that TigerSwan illegally operated in North Dakota without a state license during protests against the pipeline in…Read moreRead more

Judge Drops Civil DAPL Case

A federal judge has dismissed a civil lawsuit that claimed Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault and others interfered with the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Dakota Access claimed the company suffered losses because during demonstrations last year, the defendants tried to block employees and contractors from entering and exiting the pipeline construction…Read moreRead more

DAPL- The Alarm Clock

The Dakota Access Pipeline is not pumping oil today. It is suppose to begin service on Mother’s day. Facts like that keep me awake at times but perhaps I am viewing this the wrong way. I was asked yesterday, Is there anything good about the pipeline? I could think of nothing good. And then it…Read moreRead more

New Vandalism on DAPL

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Law enforcement officers have stepped up patrols around an oil pipeline site in Minnehaha County after vandalism was discovered. Sheriff’s Capt. Jason Gearman says vandals broke through a chain link fence recently that surrounds an above-ground section of the Dakota Access pipeline near Highway 19, north of Humboldt. KELO-TV reports a valve…Read moreRead more

Following The Money – in General

Recently, the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services and Morton County Sheriff’s Department released a document explaining “Resources and costs diverted from normal operations” due to protest. In part, it shows: Days of Response Support 210 Hours of Response Support 331,721 State and Local Cost to Taxpayers (as of March 6, 2017) $38.2M Personnel (Salaries,…Read moreRead more

US District Judge: No Injunction

3/15 – DC – A U.S. federal judge on Tuesday denied a request by the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe for an emergency injunction to prevent oil from flowing through part of the Dakota Access Pipeline, saying such a move would be against the public interest. Judge James Boasberg of the U.S. District Court for the…Read moreRead more

FEEDS Part 4 2/23

Feeds 4 2/23 All credits to any footage is to the authors on the ground. Any posts here were public. “Courage” is the best word we can think to say.   Law enforcement moves in to remove remaining demonstrators fro… An unstoppable force met immovable objects. A convoy of 200 law enforcement vehicles, including a…Read moreRead more

Standing Rock – Facebook’s Fake News

Content Submitted by Reader: 2/04/2017 – We decided to publish it because we can relate. Our interest began months ago when we first heard of the conflict at Standing Rock. We were amazed that no national coverage was available. We wondered why? OK, so it wasn’t a Trump story necessarily but still it warranted a…Read moreRead more

Council Weighs In –

1/05-2017 – Fort Yates, ND – The original burial ground of Hunkpapa Sioux leader Sitting Bull. A Tribal meeting was held today. During this meeting, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe made the effort to explain the current situation. History was made at Fort Yates, ND again. Council members, representing the people of the communities have…Read moreRead more