Considering A Pipeline? Consider This.

Considering A Pipeline? Consider This. Here’s a report of 1 County, 1 Pipeline and much bad news. Sunoco is building the Mariner East 2 natural gas pipeline in western Lebanon County, PA. So far, incidents in Lebanon County look like this. June 2017: Sunoco begins construction in Lebanon County for the Mariner East 2 pipeline. July:…Read moreRead more

Rover Pipeline – Legal Front Line

There are many “front lines” when fighting a pipeline. Warriors come in many forms. We seldom hear of the courtroom battles and the effort it involves. Did you know: Public records are being sought over Rover Pipeline’s compliance With Environmental Laws. Using the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552, The Center for Biological Diversity…Read moreRead more

ND Oil Leak – 25,000 Gallons

BISMARCK, N.D. — A leak that spilled more than 25,000 gallons of crude oil in McKenzie County took 2 weeks to be announced to the public. The company reported the spill to state and federal agencies the same day, but the health department didn’t tell the public until Thursday because there was “confusion” over which…Read moreRead more

DAPL Leaks Before Opening

According to reports seen here, a leaky surge pump along the Dakota Access oil pipeline spilled 84 gallons of crude oil in April at a pump station just north of Crandon. Based on Dakota Media Group archives, the pump station is on 10.59 acres of land in rural Spink County. According to Brian Walsh, an…Read moreRead more

DAPL- The Alarm Clock

The Dakota Access Pipeline is not pumping oil today. It is suppose to begin service on Mother’s day. Facts like that keep me awake at times but perhaps I am viewing this the wrong way. I was asked yesterday, Is there anything good about the pipeline? I could think of nothing good. And then it…Read moreRead more

New DAPL Fire Ruled Arson

5/1/2017 – A fire on a Dakota Access pipe-line site near Newell Thursday night has been ruled an arson. Details are hard to find, no major news outlet has reported on it that we can see. We are looking for the police reports for a detailed confirmation. Until then, here is what we can find….Read moreRead more

More Charges Dropped – Mni Wiconi

Earlier this year, around 500 protesters marched together near the Suwannee River State Park against the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline that cuts through Suwannee County. Charges against three Sabal Trail pipeline protesters who were scheduled to be tried in court this week were dropped by the state attorney’s office. Jeff Siegmeister, state attorney for…Read moreRead more

Mystery Oil Drains In Kansas

Hidden deep in the news world is what we find to be another disturbing story about oil contamination. This report is based on local news coverage we came across, we are awaiting “government” documentation and reports that are not yet available. The story begins when in Winfield, Ks, neighbors living near the Southwestern College campus…Read moreRead more

Oil Leak in Oklahoma

4/24/2017 Okla. Few details available, relying on local news– for the story. State and federal agencies are investigating what caused a crude oil pipeline to leak thousands of gallons of oil onto surrounding farmland in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma. According to a Report HERE – A farmer was told that the oil is “Good for the soil”…Read moreRead more

Report: Standing Rock Reason to Worry

Pipeline proponents have always claimed that pipelines are much safer than tankers or trains. But as a report reveals, the majority of Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco’s reported spills (51 percent) were specifically linked to pipelines. TYPE OF ACCIDENT and % of total NUMBER Pipeline (51%) 35 Fixed location (36%) 25 Storage tank (10%) 7 Mobile (3%) 2 TOTAL reported spills 2015-2016 69 According to a…Read moreRead more