Atlantic Coast Pipeline “Mows” Forward

In a letter Friday, Dave Swearingen, a FERC official, gave the green light to cutting down the trees using handheld equipment such as chain saws in the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. According to Dominion Energy spokesperson Aaron Ruby, the approval allows them to begin limited tree felling and vegetation clearing in the areas…Read moreRead more

Standing Rock – The Media Bubble

Standing Rock – The Media Bubble Opinion By: A Water Protector It amazes me that the overall perception of the Standing Rock movement remains distorted to the masses. I still hear about the “Trash” left behind or about the “Violent” protestors. Anyone who followed the movement, knew that niether statement was accurate. Few people know the facts….Read moreRead more

DAPL- The Alarm Clock

The Dakota Access Pipeline is not pumping oil today. It is suppose to begin service on Mother’s day. Facts like that keep me awake at times but perhaps I am viewing this the wrong way. I was asked yesterday, Is there anything good about the pipeline? I could think of nothing good. And then it…Read moreRead more

More Charges Dropped – Mni Wiconi

Earlier this year, around 500 protesters marched together near the Suwannee River State Park against the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline that cuts through Suwannee County. Charges against three Sabal Trail pipeline protesters who were scheduled to be tried in court this week were dropped by the state attorney’s office. Jeff Siegmeister, state attorney for…Read moreRead more

Best DAPL Coverage Awards?

Writers for the Bismarck Tribune were recently “Awarded” for such great DAPL Coverage. We follow the paper and really wondered how this happened. Of the MANY stories we have read in this paper about DAPL, not one comes to mind that deserved the title “objective reporting.” But that was a quote during the ceremony. In…Read moreRead more

Standing Rock – The Magic Trick.

Standing Rock – What just happened? 365 days ago, there were a few dozen people at Standing Rock and the Sacred Stones. They thought of a better future, they spoke of a better way for the children. This week, there were a few dozen people at Standing Rock. And looking over the same fields, it…Read moreRead more

Oil Leak in Oklahoma

4/24/2017 Okla. Few details available, relying on local news– for the story. State and federal agencies are investigating what caused a crude oil pipeline to leak thousands of gallons of oil onto surrounding farmland in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma. According to a Report HERE – A farmer was told that the oil is “Good for the soil”…Read moreRead more

Kyle Thompson -DAPL Disaster

Kyle James Thompson, 30, was arrested for simple assault domestic violence, carrying a concealed weapon, and for possession of schedule I, II, and III drug paraphernalia, according to Burleigh County arrest records. Many remember that Thompson was arrested by Bureau of Indian Affairs agents after activists slammed a vehicle into his pickup truck. He was…Read moreRead more

Following The Money – in General

Recently, the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services and Morton County Sheriff’s Department released a document explaining “Resources and costs diverted from normal operations” due to protest. In part, it shows: Days of Response Support 210 Hours of Response Support 331,721 State and Local Cost to Taxpayers (as of March 6, 2017) $38.2M Personnel (Salaries,…Read moreRead more

Nominations Needed: Hall of Honor

The nomination process is now open for the “North Dakota Native American Hall of Honor.” Our goal is to be sure at least 1 water protector is nominated and inducted. With the thousands of “keyboard Warriors” and boots on the ground, getting this done is a must. Standing Rock must be included. Who? We have…Read moreRead more