Atlantic Coast Pipeline “Mows” Forward

In a letter Friday, Dave Swearingen, a FERC official, gave the green light to cutting down the trees using handheld equipment such as chain saws in the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. According to Dominion Energy spokesperson Aaron Ruby, the approval allows them to begin limited tree felling and vegetation clearing in the areas…Read moreRead more

Tax Act and The Quiet Oil Deal

Did you know: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act allows drilling in the untouched Alaskan tundra. This item is tucked into the Senate tax bill and has little to do with taxes but it avoids a direct up-or-down vote by clinging on. ANWR, a swath of tundra on the northern Alaska coast, is home to…Read moreRead more

ETP Spills 2M Gallons Waste –

2 Million Gallons Spill and you don’t know it? A new regulatory filing shows Energy Transfer’s Rover unit was notified by Ohio’s Environmental Protection Agency of violations after two releases of drilling fluids, both discovered last week. They spilled 2 million gallons of toxic waste. Crews were drilling under the Tuscarawas River to create a…Read moreRead more

Senate Members: DAPL -No Permit?

Top Senate Democrats are questioning whether the builder and manager of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) had a permit to construct a controversial stretch of the project near tribal land and water sources. “We are concerned that Energy Transfer Partners or its subsidiaries might have been drilling under Lake Oahe without a permit and while…Read moreRead more

“Trump May Have Incited Violence”

Today, it was announced that Donald Trump will answer to charges of inciting violence. Words that should not go without notice to many from Standing Rock. Judge David J. Hale ruled against efforts by Trump’s attorneys to throw out a lawsuit accusing him of inciting violence against protesters at a March 2016 campaign rally in…Read moreRead more

NoDAPL Page Served Warrant

BELLINGHAM, WASH. – Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department got a warrant to search the Facebook page of a group that opposes the Dakota Access Pipeline. Based on reports, the Bellingham #NoDAPL Coalition, which has a community page on Facebook, was provided a copy of the warrant from Facebook. According to them, it is seeking private information…Read moreRead more

BREAKING: Judge rules against tribes-

3/7/2017  – A federal judge has rejected a request from indigenous tribes to block drilling of the Dakota Access pipeline. James Boasberg in his ruling Tuesday said the tribes didn’t raise the religion argument in a timely fashion. He also questioned its merit. “Although the tribe’s members may feel unable to use the water from Lake…Read moreRead more

Standing Rock – A Hard Place

Anyone that knows of this crisis, is aware of the many hardships at Standing Rock. Against all odds, the water protectors have endured some of the most brutal responses to “protesting” in American history. The last few days have brought the biggest changes in the 8 month standoff. With words like “sanctions” and “restricted movement”…Read moreRead more

Council Weighs In –

1/05-2017 – Fort Yates, ND – The original burial ground of Hunkpapa Sioux leader Sitting Bull. A Tribal meeting was held today. During this meeting, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe made the effort to explain the current situation. History was made at Fort Yates, ND again. Council members, representing the people of the communities have…Read moreRead more